Safety Tips When Hunting

Brisk weather and falling leaves tell of autumn arrivals, including the beginning of hunting season. Whether you are a seasoned pro, an enthusiast, a beginner or someone who just wants to safely enjoy the outdoors, these hunting safety tips will do the trick.

Hunting Safety Tips

  1. Follow firearm safety practices always.

  • Treat every firearm as if it were loaded

  • Only point at what you plan to shoot

  • Keep your fingers off the trigger until you are ready to shoot

  • Before shooting, clearly identify your target and what is beyond

  1. Plan for the weather

Hunters can be at the risk for hypothermia in cold, wet conditions, but also in temperatures as high as 50 degrees. Dress in warm layers, avoiding moisture-retaining cotton and remembering a water-repelling outer layer. Before setting out, check the weather report to ensure you won’t be caught off guard by other inclement weather.

Safety Tips for non-hunters near a hunting area

  1. Wear the right clothing. 

Avoid colours and patterns that blend into your surroundings, including whites, blacks, browns, earth tones, animal patterns and camouflage, red or green clothing is best – especially for vests and hats.

  1. Make some noise

This includes talking loudly, whistling or singing, especially if you hear a shot nearby. Once hunters have acknowledged your location, show courtesy by reducing excessive noise that might scare away the animals

  1. Keep pets safe too

Don’t let dogs off-leash in an area that allows hunting, especially if they like to chase after deer.

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